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NIIT Limited Thank you for making ConfluenceIndia18 a major success. Hope to see you again next year!
NIIT Limited Dylan Stokes, Regional Vice President, NIIT Canada emphasizes the need for engaging, accessible, easily understandable, and role-based compliance training and continuous learning for the entire workforce throughout the employee lifecycles. #ConfluenceIndia18
Domnic Nicklaus Great insights from Thought Leaders and L&D Professional on Digital Tranformation, how organizations from various sector are adapting and taking advantage for value creation. @ NIIT ConfluenceIndia18.
Arvind Thakur Delighted to engage @NIITLtd ConfluenceIndia18 along with @RonKaufman in an interactive session on driving a culture of service excellence with participants at the b’ful ITC Grand in
NIIT Limited Moderated by Ramanujam Thirumalai, VP, StackRoute, & chaired by Kolapi Roy (IBM), Krishnamurari Parandur (Cognizant), Sanjeev Kumar (SapientRazofish), and Karthikeyan S (Wipro Digital), the panel discussion focused on ‘Challenges of Re-skilling at Scale’. ConfluenceIndia18
mahesh r @NIITLtd confluenceindia18 I am not from L&D and rather a hard core product delivery guy. Attending the confluence was a revelation for me as to what all the L&D professionals across industries are doing. Thanks to NIIT for putting this together..
NIIT Limited Ron Kaufman wins the heart of the audience with his interactive session titled ‘Service Excellence as a Competitive Differentiator for India Inc.’ He was joined by Arvind Thakur, CEO, NIIT Technologies. #ConfluenceIndia18 ServiceExcellence @NIITTech @RonKaufman
Capt S Chakravorty ConfluenceIndia18 , Seems like Stack route @NIITLtd , is the new Silk Route to Economies of Scale
alphonsa mathai Panel discussion on challenges of Reskilling at scale by the leading organisations IBM, Sapient, Wipro & Cognizant confluenceindia18
Capt S Chakravorty ConfluenceIndia18 , when do we see another Socially Democratic Learning Platform which involves the Industry and community per se. Learning for All
NIIT Limited In session ‘An AI-Based Learning Platform – A Reliance Perspective’, Rajagopalan Purushothaman, SVP, Refinery & Marketing, Reliance Industries, demonstrated a next-gen scalable & outcome driven learning platform for a workforce of half million. ConfluenceIndia18
NIIT Limited Neelu Chawla, Vice President, 21st Century Learning, Operations Capability and Leadership Development, Genpact shares her thoughts in a Panel Discussion on & #39;Future #39; ConfluenceIndia18
Prateek Chatterjee Every drop makes an ocean ! confluenceindia18
Capt S Chakravorty ConfluenceIndia18 , Disruptive Thoughts - With the cost of Genome Mapping southwards, are we looking for a predictive Leader through Scientific Mapping
Yogesh Malik ConfluenceIndia18 is going awesome. Lot of exchange of ideas between heads of various Industries complemented with leaders from NIIT. This is a good platform to share impact of disruptive technologies and how to reskill the current as well as new gen work force.
Capt S Chakravorty Use Embedded IOT for enabling Motor skills for Industrial Skilling- Suggestion ConfluenceIndia18
NIIT Limited Moderated by Sapnesh Lalla, and chaired by Judhajit Das (ICICI), Vaishali Phatak (Tech Mahindra), Ashok Nagar (Wipro), and Sachin Gaur (Deloitte), the panel discussion focused on dealing with talent churn amidst digital transformation across industries. ConfluenceIndia18
Capt S Chakravorty Hybrid Economies , Metal collars Vs Blood and Veins confluenceindia18
NIIT Limited Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder, NIIT Group felicitates the distinguished speakers of Day 1 at Confluence 2018. #ConfluenceIndia18 #DigitalTransformation #elearning #MachineLearning #AI
NIIT Limited Sai Venkateshwaran, Partner and Head, Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG India, emphasized on the need for employees to stop living in denial and take action to re-skill themselves. #ConfluenceIndia18. #FutureofWork #elearning #MachineLearning #AI
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