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Gaz Buzzing for Inter to turn up in europa after completely bottling an easy CL last 16 spot
nicolas bravo @DescuentosRata Amigos compre una carpa para eventos de 8x5 mts en  y me han trasmitado q no hay stock, me quieren anular la compra, he ido a la sucursal, llamado al call center y nada. q me recomiendan? era una oferta muy buena, de 320 a 200 mil q me costo
Mi Chicureo Srs @easytienda quién responde por producto comprado  12-nov nunca entregado, Sra Celeste comprimió solución. también nunca llegó
AV You don& #39;t 39;s any context needed here? Like how Manuel barely won one of the worst PLs in recent years while Pep had the best season in PL history? Or how they had a comparatively v easy CL run?
P C Griezmann: came 3rd in an easy CL group, won EL against Marseille, not the best player on either team, not top scorer of any competition he played in, penalty and a deflected goal in the WC. Varane: not even the best defender for either team he plays on
Olga Maria Así con los "letreros mal puestos"... Segun ellos... @easy_cl argumento al pedir atención De servicios
Yardy Crazy how people split up an easy CL caliber team that has proven players to go scrim with people who continuously fail at everything they do in this game. Blows my mind.
FITipster Looking at value players under 1.50 jovetic at Monaco seems to be missed. Back from injury looks like playing today at home they have missed him and easy cl game this week. Great finisher and a good age 8 goals in 15 games last season.
[s/h] 네오포릭 파라다이스 <cntd> CL: green! JS: you got it right CL: what, it’s so easy! CL: what did we do when we first met each other? JS: we played CL: doing what? JS: we did something childish, pilot whoosh, tiger, you know CL: that’s right JS: I remember it all (tee hee) CL: let’s show them
Sim Is it just me or Porto always get easy CL groups?
I can’t really talk about easy CL groups but when’s the last time United actually had a tough group?
Daniel Hopefully we get an easy CL group draw and carabao cup draw tomorrow, Lokomotiv Moskva, PSV and Athens please in CL. If we don’t get Lokomotiv Moskva we are most likely getting a top team like Barcelona. Some league 2 team or lower at home so we can use youngsters please.
Ahmad It& #39;s #39;s #39;s 39;s an easy CL campaign
CP-05 For once sport write something sensible great article they should have been doing it much earlier msybe valverde would have had more pressure to integrate dembele costing us an easy cl title
Legend Eski ( Matt ) United fans be like & #39; 39; Erm you just lost away to Brighton.
Gregoris Gkousis Utd fans moaning about us having "easy" CL matches are really brave considering they get the easiest group of all every single season
Julian 'morxzas' Miculcy Easy CL qualifying
CAT3 PSG easy CL contenders with Tuchel. Even Madrid couldn& 39;t beat his Dortmund side over 2 legs with a trash defence. Will do crazy things with Mbappé, Cavani, Draxler, Neymar, Di Maria, Guedes. Fabinho, Verratti, Rabiot would be a top top midfield. Also has great centre backs.
kia¹²⁷ 180423 Banpo Fansign - CHENLE #NCT2018_EMPATHY #39;s 39;t use any perfume
Steven Feiger De Gea is not world class United had piss easy CL unlike Spurs This is embarrassing Shite
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