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Jenny Shatts I can& #39;t engineeringjudgment
Bill Schultheiss "Investigators planned to go back to the scene to reconstruct accident" - will they assess ped facilities & EngineeringJudgment?
#fizzyyellowbeer engineeringjudgment …
Bill Schultheiss @pkoonce makes total sense to not have ped head or crosswalk a bus stop. This use of #EngineeringJudgment CarsOverPeople
Heidi @ivesetsail @bslotterback @reubencollins engineeringjudgment
@notthatdsk engineeringjudgment @dirteng @RyanSigworth @thisisbossi
arclight Often the right answer to "How much toilet paper do we have?" is "Enough". engineeringjudgment
John Harrington Upside: fixed the leak in my coffee pot. Downside: had to break the handle to do it. Overall: fair trade. #productivity engineeringjudgment
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